Do I Really Need a Wedding Planner/coordinator??

I’m pretty sure ya’ll already know what I’m going to say to this one 😉 Of course, a resounding yes!  We’re going to take this post to break down some of the reasons WHY you need at LEAST a coordinator, and maybe a planner. 

  1. Whether you opt for a day-of coordinator or a planner, nothing can replace having someone to execute all your plans the day of.    Friends and family were coming into town, parties were happening, last-minute plans and details were being set…there is literally no physical way I would have been able to set up our wedding AND get ready AND have time to enjoy our day.  My brain was a total fog the week before our wedding!  My day-of coordinator was vital in making my day stress free and allowing me to be able to be lost in my happy cloud of love and excitement.  The morning of our wedding, we had a bridal party/family/close friends brunch in the apartment that was part of our venue rental.  We were able to spend the morning together with everyone we loved before splitting off to get ready: meanwhile, my coordinator, vendor, and friend crew were busy making my vision come to life!
  2. In reality, not all of us are wedding planners.  Not everyone cares about picking the perfect color, or the font on the stationary, or what the table cards look like.  Some people have trouble making decisions, or don’t feel fully confident in what their vision will look like or how to translate it.  If that’s you, looking into a partial planner might really make your life a whole lot easier! You still get to do the planning yourself; you just have a little more help along the way.  Full-on planning services are basically where the entire wedding is planned for you, but you sign off on (and pay for) all the choices.  It costs about as much as it sounds like it would, and certainly not everyone has the budget for a full-service planner.  Partial planning is a great option for some middle ground!
  3. Another one of the big reasons to have a planner/coordinator is the experience and connections in the local area.  Most people only enter the wedding world once: a couple of times at most.  Someone who works in the wedding business has a wealth of knowledge to offer.  Many of the vendors you will need to hire for your event, you probably will not have worked with before.  It can be stressful to make a “blind” vendor decision when there are many options, and you just don’t know much about any of them.  Your planner can provide you with solid vendor recommendations so you can know you’re working with a reputable company.  In addition, a wedding planner or coordinator will be an amazing resource in planning the logistics: timeline, how long things will really take and what order of events will best create a natural flow.  When the time comes to put that timeline together, you’ll be grateful for the insight!
  4. Depending on the venue space you and your partner select, a wedding coordinator/planner may be a requirement of the contract.  Many venues require a point person that is not a member of the couple or the party to oversee directing and setting up.  It is also common for some venues to create a specific list of vendors that they are willing to work with, and you will have to make your choices off that list.  Not every venue is this way, however, it’s still a good rule of thumb to assume they will want at least a day-of coordinator on sight.  Even if you select a venue like a church, or an awesome back yard you’re still going to need someone (at least) the day-of.  Weddings have many moving pieces, and everything happens so fast: there’s no way one human could make it all happen AND be able to fully enjoy the day!
  5. It’s just going to make it a less stressful experience and a more joyful one.  Period.  No other way to say it.  There’s no way in the world I would have made it without my day-of! The whole week before I was in a dream, and that really stayed the case all the way through and wayyyy after the day! I needed my coordinator, and I needed every single one of our friends that stepped up to help on our day.  I was truly able to soak up all the good stuff because of them.

Your wedding day is a day that should be truly about you and your partner.  It really is a once in a life-time experience: you shouldn’t have to miss a moment of it! With a well-laid plan, and some reliable people to execute, you’ll be able to fully experience the event you worked so hard to plan and make happen.  So, go ahead! Hire that coordinator/planner! In the long run, you’ll be so glad you did.

Happy planning ya’ll!


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